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HENSOLDT’s business is divided into two segments: Sensors and Optronics. Sensors comprises three divisions: Radar and Naval Solutions, Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions and Service and Space Solutions. Optronics comprises our Optronics and Land Solutions division. Together they are driving global growth and achieving remarkable successes in their individual sectors.

In recent years HENSOLDT has invested significantly in research and development and continously promotes in-house innovations with its start-up incubator HENSOLDT Ventures. The focus here is primarily on AI-based technologies such as machine learning and big data analysis. On the basis, we are also driving forward in the area of cyber innovation.

  • Radar and Naval Solutions

    HENSOLDT’s Radar and Naval Solutions division is HENSOLDT’s driver for the development of defence and non-defence radar systems which have been part of our company’s core competences for decades. Today, HENSOLDT’s radar systems are used at land, air, sea and space.

    Significant R&D resources ensure the continuous development of our radar solutions and technologies in the various domains to solve the challenges posed to modern radars. The pioneering spirit of our employees has enabled HENSOLDT to create many cutting-edge families of radar products since its inception in the 1950’s.

    The Radar, IFF and Datalink portfolio covers mission-critical premium products in the area of military and security radar for surveillance and reconnaissance, maritime navigation, air traffic control / identification-friend-or-foe (IFF), datalinks, air defence, weapon guidance as well as vessel traffic management services and commercial shipping solutions.

    HENSOLDT is a principal partner in the development of major radar programmes and provides integrated logistics support, maintenance and upgrades. As an innovative technology leader, we drive the development and application of high-end active electronically scanning (AESA) radars.

    Within HENSOLDT, multi-sensor integration and data fusion technology is particularly useful creating added value by combining radars with optronic and other sensors. The Radar division is hereby HENSOLDT’s hub for the development of sensor fusion systems for naval solutions. Using our decades of experience and the wide portfolio of sea-based systems, HENSOLDT is able to deliver cutting-edge sensor solutions which are architected into system-level functions that provide greater functionality than the individual components by themselves.

    Among the most prominent platforms equipped by our products are the Eurofighter Typhoon, the “Freedom” class Littoral Combat Ships of the US Navy and the F125 frigates of the German Navy as well as the Tandem-X satellites. Furthermore, we equip air bases of the German, Swiss, Canadian and Australian armed forces with airport surveillance radars. In addition, our secondary radars are deployed by the naval forces of Germany, France, Norway and Finland for military IFF. For civil and military air traffic control, our identification systems are used, for example, in countries such as USA, UK, Bulgaria and the Philippines.

  • Optronics and Land Solutions

    The Optronics and Land Solutions Division of HENSOLDT offers optronic, optic and precision-engineered products for military, civil and security applications. HENSOLDT’s optronics solutions are deployed on various platforms, including submarines, armoured vehicles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites.

    These products are used globally by armed forces and security personnel for monitoring, identification and classification purposes, as well as for highly precise measurement, evaluation and targeting. Our key competences in optronics lie in day vision, thermal imaging, residual light amplification, laser range finding and stabilisation for use in all light and weather conditions. Robustness, modularity and customisation are key features of our portfolio.

    For the battlefield of the future, the division is HENSOLDT’s hub for the development of Land solutions. Decentralised action chains and highly integrated sensor fusion networks are paving the way for decision-centric combat operations of land forces. By using multi-sensor integration, data fusion technology and artificial intelligence various sensors and platforms are connected. This ensures information superiority and supports users by decentralised artificial intelligence reducing their workload automatically, enabling effective and highly efficient reconnaissance, target acquisition and transfer of target data across the battlefield.

    The roots of our optronics portfolio lie in the long-established German companies Carl Zeiss and Hensoldt. Our military optical and optronic riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars derive from the original Hensoldt AG founded in 1896.

    Among the most prominent air platforms equipped with HENSOLDT’s optronics products are the Gripen and Rafale combat aircraft as well as helicopters of various types. We equip the class 212 and 209 submarines with periscopes and optronic mast systems. We furthermore provide mission-critical equipment to the LEOPARD main battle tank and the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle. Our HENSOLDT sights and night vision optics have also been chosen for the German Future Soldier Programme “Infanterist der Zukunft – Erweitertes System”.

  • Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions

    HENSOLDT’s Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions (SDAS) Division provides customers across the world with the capability to detect and protect in contemporary defence and civil operating environments. Whether on land, at sea or in the air our comprehensive range of solutions in Cyber, Signal Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Avionics Systems is empowering our clients to protect civilians, defence forces and national infrastructure.

    The Division is HENSOLDT’s airborne solutions hub for the development of Integrated Airborne Solutions which fuse sensor systems and offer missions suites, integrating products from the cross-divisional HENSOLDT airborne portfolio. In this way, we strive to expand our position as a mission system partner for major European programs such as EU RPAS, FCAS, MAWS or AFCS.

    SDAS is also HENSOLDT’s key innovation hub for sophisticated cyber technologies (data mining, artificial intelligence, autonomy, secure IT) developing comprehensive Cyber solutions which integrate in the entire HENSOLDT portfolio and advance our systems on the cyber frontier.

    In the area of Spectrum Dominance, our sophisticated solutions are modular, scalable and tailored to customer requirements, forming a comprehensive portfolio covering Signal Intelligence, Electronic Support, Electronic Attack, Self-Protection, Cyber Intelligence (OSINT) and Secure IT with the aim to bridge the gap between land, naval and air forces in electronic warfare applications.

    Our Avionics portfolio includes latest generation avionics systems with great performance and precision for sensing, computing, recording, connecting as well as mission support and management.

    We are inspired by technology and strive to provide our clients with solutions to counter evolving threats like hybrid and cyber warfare, the increased use of drones, robots and artificial intelligence.

    Our success is built on the work of our highly skilled employees, who are fascinated by high-end technology and driven by the desire to meet evolving market needs. Our employees translate innovation into smart solutions that support defence and security organisations in their mission to detect and protect.

  • Service and Space Solutions

    HENSOLDT products often have to last multiple decades. Consequently, it must be possible to adapt them to new challenges during this time, which also means that users need ongoing training.

    That is why HENSOLDT divided its Service portfolio into three strategic areas: Aftermarket Product and System Support including Training, Simulation Solutions and Special Services. Based on decades of experience, all three areas – each successful in their own right with their highly qualified employees contribute significantly to HENSOLDT’s business success.

    Aftermarket Product and System Support - From development to decommissioning
    The Aftermarket Product and System Support area forms the core of HENSOLDT’s service offering. With different service agreements and an entire catalogue of customer services, up to and including the full-service offering as for the Eurofighter, we ensure functionality, on which human lives often depend, is maintained throughout each product’s life cycle.

    The comprehensive customer service approach at HENSOLDT is based on the philosophy that our systems are not replaced after a short period of time, as is the case with consumer goods, but can be re-engineered and updated on an ongoing basis thanks to their open design. Not only the hardware, but also the software must often prove its worth and be updatable over decades – even if the original software provider ceases to provide maintenance for the system.

    With service centres around the world, HENSOLDT’s Customer Services team supports several hundred direct customers. Following the acquisition of an Australian service provider in 2019 – which now operates as HENSOLDT Australia and is active in the APAC region – there are hardly any blank spots left on HENSOLDT’s global service map.

    Complementing training courses with their modular concept form an interface between HENSOLDT equipment and the people who operate and maintain it.

    Simulation Solutions - When theory becomes practice
    Simulation Solutions proves that breaking new ground is now practically routine practice for Services. HENSOLDT provides train simulation solutions for train drivers in Germany, Italy and India, for instance. And in the defence area, as well, demand for simulators is rising due to ever more challenging operational requirements in relation to increasingly complex technology. In this context, HENSOLDT is currently developing training simulators for its radars, naturally with Services at the helm.

    Special Services offer tailored solutions for HENSOLDT products and third-party portfolios.

    Space Solutions – the new frontier

    The division is also HENSOLDT’s spear-head for Space solutions. HENSOLDT is a European cutting-edge technology centre with regard to designing, developing, producing and testing space optronics and electronics solutions. HENSOLDT’s customers value its ability to dovetail design and systems engineering with manufacturing, integration, alignment and verification processes.

    Our capabilities in space range from protection in space, planet and space observation to optical communication in space up to supporting space missions.

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