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Tsinfa is a professional supplier & manufacturer of CNC turning machine in China. The CNC turning center has comprehensive functions, high machining quality, and high speed. Mainly used for processing rotary parts, generally can automatically complete the cylindrical surface, conical surface, spherical surface, drilling, milling groove, thread processing and so on.

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CNC Lathe Machine for Sale:

TFA40 CNC turning machine

Rotary diameter 400mm, 30 / 45 degree tilt bed, convenient chip removal, strong rigidity

TFA50-500 slant bed CNC lathe Auto feed and Automatic chip removal

The rotary diameter is 500mm, the processing length is 500-1000mm, and the chip removal machine can be used for automatic chip removal. Auto pick up the product

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TFA40-S CNC turning center 3 axis

8 station cutter tower, milling, drilling, turning, can be processed, CNC programming

TFA-8S CNC turning center 4 axis

8 station turning tool tower, Four 90 Angle power heads, Four 0 Angle power heads

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TFA50 CNC turning center

Rotary diameter 500, machining length 500-1000

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LTK series flat bed CNC lathe machine

cheap price, diameter 360-16000mm, machining length 500-5000mm,

CNC turning machine also can process some complex rotary surface, such as hyperboloid. Multiple axis can be added according to the demand: c axis lathe, 3 axis lathe, 2 axis lathe, 5 axis CNC lathe, 4 axis CNC lathe.

High efficiency: In the CNC turning center, after the workpiece is clamped once, it can complete the turning parts, milling, drilling, hinge, thread processing, and other processing procedures.
Strong rigidity: The bed is specially treated to eliminate internal stress.
High precision: The CNC lathe directly uses the servo motor to realize the feed movement through the ball screw drive slip plate and tool rest, so the feed system structure is greatly simplified.

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What is cnc turning center?

Conventional economical CNC lathes have two axes, X and Z. Turning center have many axes, 3 axes, 4 axes, 5 axes, and so on. In addition to the function of turning and milling, it has the function of high efficiency. The clamping times and time are reduced.

To sum up, the CNC turning center has the following characteristics:

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(1) Strong adaptability, suitable for the processing of multi-variety and small-batch parts.

In the traditional automatic or semi-automatic lathe processing a new part, generally need to adjust the machine tool or machine tool accessories, in order to make it easy to use.

The machine tool adapts to the requirements of processing parts, while when using a CNC lathe to process parts of different shapes, it only needs to reprogram or modify the machining process

The program (software) can quickly meet the processing requirements and greatly shorten the technical preparation time for replacing the machine hardware

Suitable for multi-variety, single piece, or small-batch processing.

(2) High machining accuracy and good consistency

Because of the integration of high and new technologies such as machine and electricity, the machining accuracy of CNC machine tools is generally higher than that of ordinary machine tools. Development of CNC machine tools.

The machining process is controlled by the computer according to the pre input program, which avoids the poor technical level of the operator.

The difference in product quality caused by differences. For some workpieces with complex shapes, it is almost impossible for ordinary machine tools to complete them.

But the CNC machine tool only compiles the more complex program to be possible to achieve the goal, when necessary also may use the computer-aided programming or the computer to calculate

Computer-aided processing. In addition, the machining process of the CNC machine tool is not affected by the physical and emotional changes of the operator.

(3) It has higher productivity and lower processing cost

The productivity of machine tool mainly refers to the time needed to process a part, including the time of maneuver and auxiliary time. number

The spindle speed and feed speed of the lathe can be controlled in a wide range, and stepless speed regulation can be adopted. The best cutting speed can be selected during machining.

In order to optimize the cutting parameters, productivity is greatly improved,

The processing cost is reduced, especially for the parts of mass production, the larger the batch, the lower the processing cost.

For mass production, especially mass production, processing efficiency and efficiency should be emphasized on the premise of ensuring processing quality

The stability of the process, its processing technology and the single small batch is different. For example, fixture selection, tool path arrangement, and tool arrangement

The location and order of use should be carefully considered, and the relevant contents will be introduced in the next section.

The opposite of mass production is single-piece production. The most important feature of single-piece production is to ensure the first pass rate, especially the one-off quality.

Parts with complex shapes and high precision requirements. Second, compared with the success rate of single-piece production. Single-piece production

The NC process used is different from mass production in the aspects of tool path, tool arrangement, and tool change point setting. And batch production

Compared with production, single-piece production should avoid too long production preparation time.

What are the types of turning centre?

The turning center generally refers to the addition of several shafts on the CNC lathe, so that the lathe not only has the turning function but also has the milling function. 3 axis turning machine, 4 axis, 5 axis.
According to the angle of bed tilt, it can be divided into flat bed cutting center and inclined bed cutting center.
According to the position of the spindle, it can be divided into vertical turning center and horizontal turning center.
According to the different rotary diameters and machining lengths, it can be divided into heavy turning center and light turning center.

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Which is general safety in cnc turning?

In the process of turning with the CNC turning center, the main safety items are as follows:

1.When the spindle rotates at high speed, the cutting fluid will splash on the rotating workpiece.
2 High-speed rotating workpiece, there is a risk of rejection
3. Electric shock risk caused by power leakage
4. Program error, resulting in the risk of tool collision.
In view of the above risks, employees are required to follow the safety manual for operation
1. Close the protective door during machining to prevent cutting fluid from splashing out
2. When using reliable chuck, be sure to check and lock the chuck when clamping the workpiece. At the same time, close the protective door, and do not stand directly opposite the workpiece.
3. Safe use of electricity and correct grounding. Repair the equipment without electricity.
4 check the procedure to ensure it is correct before processing.

What products are made from CNC milling and turning machine?

– Products are made from CNC milling
Box parts, complex surface parts
Such as all kinds of the impeller, wind guide wheel, spherical surface, all kinds of surface forming mold, propeller and underwater vehicle propeller, and some other shapes of free-form surface, such parts can be processed by machining center. Integral impeller, injection mold, rubber mold, vacuum forming mold, refrigerator foam mold, pressure casting mold, precision casting mold, and so on
– Products are made from turning machine
CNC lathe can process many products, it is difficult to list one by one. In short, CNC lathe mainly processes turning parts, such as shaft, sleeve, disc, etc.

What CNC machine is used for turning parts?

Turning is a kind of machining mode in which the workpiece rotates and the motor drives the tool holder and drives the tool feed. There are several kinds of lathe that can carry out this kind of machining:
CNC horizontal lathe machine, CNC vertical lathe machine, CNC turning machine.

What kind of workpiece is CNC lathe suitable for processing?

1. Revolving parts with complex contour or difficult to control the size
Because CNC turning center has a linear and circular interpolation function, and some CNC turning center has some non-circular interpolation function.
With the function of curve interpolation, it can turn the revolving parts composed of any plane curve contour, including the parts through fitting calculation.

2. High precision parts
The accuracy requirements of parts mainly refer to the accuracy requirements of size, shape, position, and surface, among which the surface accuracy mainly refers to
surface roughness. For example, the dimensional accuracy is high, cylindrical parts with high cylindricity requirements;
Cone parts with high requirements for straightness, roundness and inclination of the line; parts with high requirements for line profile (fine contour shape)
On the special precision CNC lathe, the precision of geometric contour can also be machined very high.

3. Processing of hardened workpiece
In large mold processing, there are many parts with large size and complex shape. The deformation of these parts after heat treatment is small.
It is difficult to grind the hardened parts because of their large size,
Replace grinding with turning to improve processing efficiency.

4.Work piece with the complex process
The workpiece needs to turn the outer circle, end face, milling groove on the side, drilling. This kind of workpiece generally needs three machine tools for processing, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, loading and unloading material is very troublesome, you can buy a turning center for processing.

CNC turning machine parts

Lathe fixture:
The device used to hold the workpiece on a lathe is called a lathe fixture.
Lathe fixtures can be divided into the general fixtures and special fixtures two categories.
Universal fixture refers to the same fixture capable of clamping two or more than two kinds of workpieces, for example, a three-jaw chuck, a four-jaw chuck, a spring clamp, and a universal mandrel on a lathe.
The special fixture is a fixture specially designed for processing a specified workpiece of a certain process.
If divided according to the combination characteristics of fixture components, there are fixtures that cannot be recombined and fixture that can be recombined, the latter is called a modular fixture.
The fixture with reliable quality can guarantee the product quality, improve the processing efficiency and expand the scope of use of machine tools.

In lathe work, most of the use of the workpiece or blank cylindrical positioning.
Three-jaw chuck, divided into manual, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic three, according to the customer’s different needs, you can choose. Turning center on the general hydraulic chuck more use, the high degree of automation. Suitable for batch processing.
Compared with conventional lathes, CNC lathes generally use CNC tool tower, divided into vertical and horizontal structures. There are 4 stations, 8 stations, and 12 stations to choose from. The more stations, the higher the price. The different driving types can be divided into hydraulic towers and electric towers. In general, the electric knife tower price is relatively much cheaper. By inputting the program into the CNC system, the CNC system output signal to the cutter tower, automatic tool change. High efficiency.

The tailstock and chuck work together to fix the workpiece. The tail seat has a manual tail seat, hydraulic tail seat, pneumatic tail seat.

Optional attachments,

Chip removal machine: When the turning center is processed, scrap will be cut, which is easy to accumulate for a long time. A chip removal machine can be used for chip removal. Scrap iron will be transported to the external vehicle through a chain row for unified treatment.


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