Line Marking Contractors in Letchworth Garden City (2023)

Welcome to Marking Contractors. We are a qualified line marking companythat installs markings across the UK.

As professional line marking contractors in Letchworth Garden City SG6 3 we aim to install high-quality markings at competitive rates.

We cancarry outline marking services and line marking removal for different facilities across the country including school playgrounds, roadways, highways, car parks and commercial warehouses.

Our expert team of line markingspecialists can complete playgrounds, sports courts, road marking services, warehouse sports halls and more within a specified budget and time frame with minimal disruption.

Fill in the contact form provided, and we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information on our different UK line marking services.


Why Use Us?

We are accredited line marking installerswho work all over the UK. We have over 10 years of experience and are industry experts.

Our prices are competitive and we work with manufacturers and customers directly to offer excellent services on all of the line marking projects we carry out.

As a top-rated linepainting company, we aim to install long-lasting graphics with little to no maintenance needed.

We carry out a variety of contracted linepainting services across the country and will be happy to provide you with a quote for the line marking work you require.

Line Marking Contractors in Letchworth Garden City (1)

Line marking can improve existing areas and create fun games for youngsters. Road marking linesmay also improve road safety.

Our line-marking contractors can apply the graphics to meet your individual needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking to mark an area.

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Types of Line Marking Paint and Products

The types of line marking paint will depend on the project but below are the most popular types available:

  • Thermoplastic
  • Acrylic Paint
  • MMA
  • Epoxy
  • Water Based Paint

Once we have details on the type of job required, we can discuss what we would recommend and provide you with a solution and a quote for these works.

How Much Does Line Painting Cost UK?

The average price for line painting is 38p-£1.40 per meter.

The cost factors will vary for each project and the price will be dependent on the below:

  • Type of paint used.
  • Chosen design and size of the project.
  • Application process and type of equipment needed.
  • Type of usage.
  • Surface condition.
  • Site location.

What is Thermoplastic Marking?

Thermoplastic marking is the process of applying thermoplastic to a surface to create a specific marking.

For ourplayground paint and road marking services, we use preformed thermoplastic graphics that are put onto a surface and heated until it melts and sticks to the floor.

We can alsouse molten thermoplastic that waspre-heated before being poured onto the desired shape.

Line Marking Contractors in Letchworth Garden City (2)

Preformed thermoplastics could mark out things like:

  • Car parking bays
  • School games
  • Traditional road marking

The heat applied thermoplastic is pre-shaped before the installation.

We have specialist tools to install thermoplastic markings to ensure the graphics look professional.

The thermoplastic markingis a great way to improve the appearance of existing areas and mark out lanes and car parking spaces.

The heat applied plastic is durable, meaning that it should last a long time. Our experts can also conduct professional thermoplastic marking to meet your requirements.


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For more information on our line marking services, pleasecomplete the contact box.

Thermoplastic Road Marking

Are you looking for road marking companies?

Our local road marking contractors in Letchworth Garden City SG6 3 can complete thermoplasticroad marking services to make your roads much safer.

We have several colours available, allowing us to create stop and give way lines, double yellows, box junction markings and many more.

It is not just road lineswe can install for roadways - we may also apply thermoplastic bicycle logos for bike lanes, speed roundels and road arrows. So for any roadway lines which are needed, our professionals can help you.

Road safetyshould always be a priority. By applying thermoplastic road markings, we can lower the risk of accidents and make the roads much safer overall.

Pedestrian Road Markings

Pedestrian road markings tend to be applied on asphalt or concrete pavements, walkways and sidewalks to distinguish a desinated area for foot traffic.

Having these markings on the street, crosswalk or sidewalk is really important for the safety of pedestrians.

Our nearby road marking contractors can carry out the road marking of your choice, making sure to meet up with any requirements that you have; this could be relating to timescale or remaining within your budget.

You can discuss the installation of the roadway graphics in more detail if necessary with one of our staffmembers.

We have an enquiry form available for you to use to get in touch with us, and we can then provide you with free quotations for the road markers you wish to have installed. Contact us for more information on the line marking services today.

Car Park Markings

Car park line marking isanother popular service which we undertake.

We specialise in car park markingsfor small and big car parks, including shopping centres, schools, and supermarkets.

The car park lines are an excellent methodto make the area much safer. We install arrows around the car park so that people know which direction to go, therefore preventing accidents from occurring.

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We also install our thermoplastic lines for parking bays. By applying lines forparking spaces, you can avoid people becoming blocked in due to other cars.

Thermoplastic symbols can also mark out disabled spaces and parent and child bays. Whatever you're requirements, our team of specialists can help you install the perfect line markings for your car park facility.

School Playground Markings Near Me

Decorativethermoplastic playground markings have become extremely popular in many schools and nurseries because they make a nice-looking design with fun activities.

Kids will experience exciting games together with increasing their physical fitness and learning crucial skills. They are perfect for just about all children of varied age groups inKey Stages 1 and 2.

Installing academic graphicsmay helpkids play games to learn various topics—well-known options for these incorporate maths games, alphabets, and targets.

Play designs areessential in increasing kids' fitness and overall wellness,and it is an easy way to make fitness exciting. This has lots of advantages regarding kids' health as obesity is a rising problem in schools.

Line Marking Contractors in Letchworth Garden City (3)

Our team in Letchworth Garden City SG6 3 has dealt with several schools and kindergartens when applying these playground graphic designs.

Specialist plastic is employed to produce the surface designs, guaranteeing maximum durability. Since children will be running around and playing games on the markings, itneeds to be safe to use.

We are qualified to add these kinds of coloured markings to plain macadam surfaces to brighten the facility. These designs are excellent for pupils of every age group, plus they could even think of individual activities.

There is a variety of colours and patterns which you can choose between that are ideal for a topic or primary school. The most popular colours tend to be white line marking, yellow, blue, green and black.

Heat applied plastic play graphics maybe suitable for parks, primary schools and nursery organisations since they are tough and sturdy.

Our specialists can conductimprovements and relining of present graphics to improve them and add more attractive designs.

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Numerous classic games can be applied to the games flooring, including maths games and snakes and ladders.

Warehouse Floor Paint in Letchworth Garden City

We installwarehouse floor paintto mark out specific sections in your commercial area and create a safer environment for your employees.

As experts in the warehouse painting industry, we feel as though it is essential that our clients are happy with the quality of service they receive. Therefore, we will only make use of premium materials. This ensures your warehouse floor paint will have a long lifespan.

We install a range of safety flooring signs for your warehouse to make the environment safe for your workers. Safety signage needs to be installed in a commercial warehouse and its surrounding areas. Your organisation is not held responsible for any injuries that may occur.

We maycreate pathways within the commercial warehouse marking sure workers know where to walk while they are working. For more information on the warehouse marking that we complete, please fill in our enquiry form.


How to Apply Thermo Plastic Markings Near Me

There are many processes to install thesethermoplastic designs. One way is using preformed markings - this is often done when installing playground graphics or parking symbols.

Line Marking Contractors in Letchworth Garden City (4)

These are the steps that our experts follow forthe application of thermoplastic markings:

  1. Cut out the hard plastic in the desired shapes.
  2. Layout the thermoplastic cut-outs in the correct position.
  3. Heat the graphics using the specialist equipment until they have melted onto thetarmac surface.
  4. Allow the thermoplasticsto cool.

We use a specialist machine, technology and premium materials when applying thermoplastic markings to ensure they last a long time. Thermoplastic graphics also have a unique approach in terms of how they are laid.

The line markings should be laid onto the surfacing and then heated so that they meltand stick to the flooring. It's an eco-friendly, user safe and reliable product that will restore a pre-existing surface.

What are the Benefits of Line Marking?

The benefits of line markings include:

  • Safety
  • Help regulate traffic
  • Exercise
  • Play

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ContactUs Today

Are you looking for a free quotation? Please speak to us today!


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We carry out manyplay and road marking services for heat applied graphics, so please contact us if you want to mark out your facility or get free quotations.

Our line marking contractors in Letchworth Garden City SG6 3 will complete high-quality installations which are sure to last a long time and compliant with the safety standards required in the UK.

If you would like to find out about the variety of road marking meanings, please check out our page which explains the different types in more detail.

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