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Niceone-tech is a manufacturer of membrane switches, young but full of vitality. Our team has many years of experience in providing various types of membrane switches. We have been faced with constantly evolving electronic technology and different customer requirements. Today's electronic products are getting smaller and smaller, but their functions are getting better and better just like mobile phones. Designers and engineers combine their own professional qualities, constantly updated technology and creativity to meet different customer needs. As a professional membrane switch manufacturer, our task is to grow up with our staff to face different difficulties and overcome them to produce new membrane switches to different customers.

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What are the 8 major trends of Membrane switch manufacturers?

1. The performance and functions required by Membrane switch are becoming more complex:

Customers put forward novel ideas to realize in membrane switch, but how to realize it is not impossible for a leading membrane switch manufacturer.

Membrane switch used to have only EL membrane switch and fiber optic membrane switch as the main options as the backlight membrane switch. A few years ago, a customer asked Niceone-tech whether it could replace Fiber optic membrane switch with LEDs and lower cost? Niceone-tech developed the LGF through half a year of hard work, making the economical and fully functional backlight membrane switch realized.

2. Membrane switch is getting smaller and smaller, how to realize more complex functionality.

People increasingly like to use portable electronic devices, so how can Membrane switch meet the functionality of such products while reducing the size? With the improvement of electronic accessories, FPC can be used for multiple panels, and electronic components are getting smaller and smaller. Niceone-tech can sometimes make our products perfect for customers without sacrificing aesthetics and functions according to the progress of components. Demand.

3. How to resist different harsh environments

Membrane switch did not have scratch-resistant characteristics in the past, and it could not even be used outdoors because of wet or rainy conditions. With the development of technology, the current membrane switch is not only resistant to scratches, but also resistant to ultraviolet rays and waterproof.

By choosing anti-ultraviolet, hardened materials and waterproof frame structure, the product is more durable.

4. Use in low light

Decades ago, who would have thought that Membrane switch can be used in the dark, and the keys can be evenly illuminated, so that users know the location of the keys clearly. Through the selection of EL materials, Fiber Optics, LEDs or the backlight membrane switch formed by LGF, all these benefit from the advancement of science and technology, and the company's ability to integrate products with each other is becoming more and more outstanding.

5. The combination of the glue technology of the Silicone rubber keypad and the Membrane switch.

One of the more beautiful crafts in the Silicone rubber keypad is the glue craft. The liquid can also be called Resin dome. The biggest feature of the Resin dome membrane switch is that the transparent liquid above the button is very beautiful and aesthetic. With the development of the economy, more and more customers pay attention to the aesthetics of the products, so Resin dome membrane switch also came out.

6. How to expand the market

Every industry wants to expand its own market, and Niceone-tech is no exception. Our own idea is to provide customers with products with high quality, moderate prices and higher added value. With the increase of consumer electronic products in recent years, more and more customers have gradually increased their demand for Membrane switch. How the Membrane switch manufacturer can customize the functionality, visuality and added value to form a perfect membrane switch according to the needs of customers has always required the efforts of customers and manufacturers.

7. The service life of Membrane switch is getting longer and longer

There are many reasons for the failure of electronic accessories, one of which is likely to be that the life of the product has reached the end of life and lost some of its electrical functions. If the product is a military electronic device, then the failure problem is likely to cause people to lose their lives at any time. The material selection of Membrane switch has also been studied, and the life span of PET as a panel will be longer than that of PC material. If the shrapnel with suitable load can be introduced, the life of the product can be as high as 5,000,000 times.

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8. Materials are becoming more environmentally friendly

Membrane switch changed from the original panel material PVC to the current polyester and polycarbonate. The use of more environmentally friendly digital printing technology also shows that people's environmental awareness is gradually increasing. In the future, we also believe that with the innovation and environmental protection of electronic components, the sustainable use and environmental protection of Membrane switch will be more improved.

Cooperating with the leading membrane switch manufacturer can obtain the most innovative and experienced team. Membrane switch can give customers more options, avoid risks, and even be at the forefront of Membrane switch technology.

What does a professional Membrane switch manufacturer need to do?

Niceone-tech always hopes to give customers recognition of our technology, and hope to become a professional Membrane switch manufacturer recognized by everyone, so we have always strictly demanded ourselves. The following are some factors that Niceone-tech believes but not limited to the following factors to become professional What the membrane switch manufacturer should do.

1. The degree of professionalism of Membrane switch- we believe that every customer wants to find a well-coordinated supplier that provides the best quality service and the most moderate price to get more orders. When we are discussing a project with a customer, we need to understand clearly the purpose, environment and cost of the product. According to customer feedback, we need to give customer feedback when quoting or drawing, not by concealing or concealing the product. Do not understand the direct production drawings and quotations. This will bring unnecessary losses to customers. And the professional understanding of Membrane switch makes us discover when drawing whether the buttons of the product are too close to the edge and cause the product to open. If we can understand that the product is used in a humid environment, we will recommend customers to use the waterproof frame quotation. Rather than blindly make products based on drawings that do not match the actual products. We hope to have more discussions with customers as partners to make the product better.

2. Treat any order equally- Niceone-tech will not discriminate or ignore because of the small quantity. We know that any order and inquiry is the trust of our customers. We hope to make every order and our customers as partners to develop this market and help our customers win more orders. There is an old saying in China called "How can you sweep the world without sweeping a house".

3. Quality control- Membrane switch is only a small electronic accessory among many electronic products, but its quality requirements are not small at all. The main reason is that Membrane switch is an HMI of electronic accessories, which can also be said to be the first impression. No scratches from the panel, ink peeling off. The manufacturer must strictly check the printing of the circuit, the resistance value of the resistance, the correct placement of the LEDs and shrapnel, etc.

4. Innovation- any electronic accessories need to keep up with the development of the times. From the beginning Membrane switch was unable to install LEDs to the current backlight membrane switch, it was only due to technological progress and innovation. Continuous progress and continuous innovation can be invincible in this market

5. Accurate delivery time-the basic quality of the goods also requires accurate delivery time to complete the tasks entrusted by the customer on time.

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What can Niceone-tech do as a Membrane switch manufacturer?

Membrane switch is a very thin electronic switch due to its open and independent design. In recent years, Niceone-tech, based on technological innovation and our own knowledge, has gradually combined backlight and membrane switch to form a backlight membrane switch. We also produce waterproof membrane switches according to customer needs.

Below are the products we can assist our customers in producing:

Non-tactile membrane switch

Tactile membrane switch

Backlight membrane switch

Silicone rubber keypad

Metal dome membrane switch

Plastic dome tactile dome membrane switch.

Niceone-tech can also help customers evaluate whether the design drawings can meet the needs of users. It is also feasible to customize drawings in advance.

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Contact Niceone-tech, we can assist you in establishing a free design consultation. If you have any requirements, please send an email to

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