PE100 HDPE Pipe Fitting Elbow Dimensions (2022)

Product Introduction

Our expertise, professional insight and passion are key to our success. Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as the leading manufacturer in providing UPVC Vanstone Flange, UPVC Female Thread Adaptor, uPVC Bush Reducer. The company is committed to the revitalization and development of the industry, and its products are exported overseas, and it has become a promoter of the industry. Detailed data can be obtained in our web page and you'll be served with good quality consultant service by our after-sale team. Whoever has the advantage of talents will have the commanding point of competition.

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HDPE 90 degree elbows is used to join two lengths of HDPE pipe on an angle of 90 degrees.

With a size range from 50 mm to 800 mm, SUNPLAST HDPE 90 degree elbows come in SDR 11 & SDR17. The Fittings in SDR 11 are rated to PN16 for water and PN10 for gas, while SDR 17 fittings are rated to PN10 for water and PN6 for gas.

SUNPLAST HDPE90 degree elbows are injection molded type, fabricated by 100% PE100 material, can fully conform to ISO4427-3,EN12201-3, AS/NZS 4129, EN1555, EN ISO15494 standard.

SUNPLAST keeps mass stock in demand for regular sizes, and customers’ urgent demand & prompt shipment request can be satisfied.

More brief details as below:


HDPE butt fusion 90 degree elbow, HDPE elbow, HDPE bends, HDPE pipe bends, poly pipe elbow, HDPE pipe elbow, elbow HDPE 90, HDPE elbow 90, elbow poly pipe, HDPE Spigot Elbow



SDR/pressure ratings

DN50~DN400mm in both SDR11 & SDR17

DN450~DN800mm in SDR17


Virgin PE100 material

Manufacturing Process

Injection molded


Regular stock in black, blue/yellow available if quantity is big

Manufacturing Standard

ISO4427-3,EN12201-3, AS/NZS 4129, EN1555, EN ISO15494

Samples available

Yes, samples are available, but charged.

Packing method

DN50~DN280mm in cartons, DN315~DN800mm be wrapped by PP bags



Customized Logo available

(OEM Service)

For small quantity of order, customer logo can be marked on the fittings by laser marking or sticker.

For big quantity of order, customer logo can be embossed on the fittings.

Production lead time

Mass stock available for regular sizes

About 10 days for a 20ft container, 20 days for a 40ft container

Warranty time

10 years for normal use

Payment term

T/T, L/C, DP, Western Union, or negotiable

FOB loading port

Ningbo/Shanghai China

Place of origin

Ningbo, China

Product Specifications

HDPE 90 Degree Elbow (Butt Fusion): available from DN50mm ~DN800mm

Pressure: SDR11-PN16 & SDR17-PN10

Material: 100% virgin PE100 material

Color: black color or blue color.

PE100 HDPE Pipe Fitting Elbow Dimensions (1)











































































(Noted: the technical data is just for reference, some data may change, if you need exact data, then please contact us directly)

Our Product Range

SUNPLAST is a professional manufacturer of HDPE fittings over 20 years in China, and here in SUNPLAST, all customers can find the best solution of fittings for their pipeline systems.

SUNPLAST HDPE butt fusion fittings can be supplied in a diameter ranging from dn50 to dn800mm in both SDR11 & SDR17, with regular types: HDPE end caps, HDPE reducer, HDPE 90 degree elbow, HDPE 45 degree elbow, HDPE 22.5 degree elbow, HDPE equal tee, HDPE reducing tee, HDPE flange adaptor, G.I. backing rings.,etc

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Applicants of HDPE pipes & fittings

HDPE pipes & fittings are most suitable for agriculture (column pipes for submersible pumps, suction and delivery of water, sprinkler systems, drip/lift irrigation systems etc.), portable water supply, Industrial (Chemicals, corrosive effluents, under water pipes, sewerage handling, radio active waste etc.) and utilities (underground cable ducting) purpose.

HDPE pipes & fittings are a safe, long lasting and cost effective solution for various application like portable water supply, water distribution, irrigation, drainage, sewerage, industrial applicants like coal slurry, coal ash, sand, chemicals, hazardous fluid waste bore-well application and infrastructure projects.

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Butt-fusion procedure For HDPE pipes & Fittings

Butt Fusion is the most important and widely used method of connection for HDPE pipes larger than 110 mm. It is a method of jointing pipe ends by way of heating and cooling under pressure, resulting in pipe joints as strong as the pipe itself.

The principle of butt fusion is to heat the pipe ends to a designated temperature (200-220 C) under pressure for a specified amount of time, then the pipe ends are fused together under pressure for a period of time.

A preparation before welding is necessary. Get ready of the pipes & fittings, and correct butt welding machine as per pipe dimension. Insert two pipes ends on both side of the machine clamps, adjust the alignment of pipe line by tightening or losing bronze nuts on the top aluminum clamps, and clean outside and inside pipe surface.

The major procedure of butt welding including 4 steps:

a). milling process

Insert the facing tool or trimmer between the two pipe ends into the lock position on the welding machine,Start the facing tool or trimmer by turning on the control switch. Slowly approach the pipe ends towards the facing tool or trimmer by controlling the directional valve on hydraulic control unit while keeping control pressure a little higher. The cutter will cut the surface of both pipe ends making them clean, plane and parallel.

b). Effect after milling

Remove the facing tool or trimmer from welding machine to the support frame and clear the facing scraps

from pipe ends. Inspect the ends, they must be clean and plane; otherwise repeat the step 3 – 5 again. During the clearing and inspection, avoid any contact with the surface of pipe ends

c). Heating Process

Check the heating plate temperature on the setting range; cleaning both heating plate side with cleaning agent and insert its back to support while waiting for welding operation to start.

To start with the welding process, begin with the alignment stage by inserting the heating plate between the two pipe ends, moving both pipe ends close together until contact with the heating plate. Start the build up pressure to the alignment pressure level (P1 + drag pressure), maintain the pressure until there are welding seam appear. In this stage, the uniform bead should had been created between the heating plate throughout the whole circumference of both pipe ends. Continue to the heating-up stage by reducing pressure and maintaining the heating-up pressure level (P2) along heating-up time (T2)

d). Cooling Process

Open both pipe ends, carefully remove the heating plate without touching the melted area and see to it that the removing time should not be longer than the changeover time (T3), insert heating plate to the support. Immediately increase pressure up to the joining pressure level (P3 + drag pressure) within the joining pressure built-up time (T4). Uniform beads must be created throughout the whole circumference of the pipe joints. Maintain or Keep the joining pressure constant throughout the cooling time (T5) or until the welding joint cools down. Avoid forced cooling down by applying water.

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PE100 HDPE Pipe Fitting Elbow Dimensions (5)

* Whats the difference between HDPE elbows & HDPE bends?

A: They are referring to the same products.

* How many types of HDPE elbows can SUNPLAST provide?

A: SUNPLAST can provide three types of elbows, which are: HDPE 90 degree elbow, HDPE 45 degree elbow & HDPE 22.5 degree elbow. All HDPE elbow fittings are injection molded type, and be made by virgin PE100 material.

* Can HDPE fittings connect to PVC pipe? Or can HDPE fittings connect to PPR pipe?

A: For thermal plastic fittings, they can be connect to the pipes with same material grade only. So, for HDPE fittings, they can be connected to HDPE pipe only, but can’t connect to PVC pipe or PPR pipe.

* How can we connect HDPE pipes to PVC pipes?

A: Since HDPE pipe & PVC pipe are made of different material grade, they are unable to connect together by “heat-fusion”.

The possible way to connect them together is by flanged connection. To use HDPE flange adaptor & HDPE backup flanges to make it possible to connect to PVC flanges.

* Whats the warranty can SUNPLAST provide?

A: All our HDPE fittings are made of virgin PE100 material, and are designed for 50 years lifetime. SUNPLAST will provide a warranty time in quality of 10 years for regular use.

* Whats the packing method for the fittings?

A: For small diameter poly fittings dn50~250mm, our packing method is carton. The big diameter fittings dn280~dn800mm, they will be wrapped by PP bags. Big diameter fittings can also be packed by pallets or wooden cases.

SUNPLAST can do the packing as per customers request.

Contact Us

If you have any requirements on HDPE fittings, or any question on our fittings, please contact us freely. SUNPLAST has well trained staff who are available to address your needs and provide technical support to all sectors when needed.

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We can provide customization service for products according to customers' requirements and also develop new series of PE100 HDPE Pipe Fitting Elbow Dimensions according to customers' requirements. The company has always insisted on building and enhancing the core competitiveness of the company with an excellent corporate culture. With advanced technology and professional R&D capabilities, our company can gain a foothold in the industry. We are willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign customers for common development!

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