SE Ranking Vs Semrush [2023]: Is SE Ranking Better Than Semrush? (2023)

SE Ranking vs Semrush: What Do You Think?

SE Ranking Vs Semrush [2023]: Is SE Ranking Better Than Semrush? (1)

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SE Ranking and SEMrush are two all-in-one SEO tools. Though you have to choose the best for your project, you are looking for this comparison.
In this comparison of Semrush vs SE Ranking, you’ll get to know “Is SE Ranking better than Semrush“?
If yes, then why?

Get the free trial and evaluate the tools

SE Ranking


Are you looking for a comparison of SE Ranking vs Semrush?

Don’t worry! I’ll compare SEMrush and SE Ranking on their top features and help you decide which is best for you.

SEMrush is an SEO giant with a great user database, while SE Ranking is relatively new. Still, both are extremely popular and reliable tools.

These are not just tools, but a set of many beneficial tools needed for a webmaster. Both are well in their places to help bloggers and digital marketers.

This detailed comparison of Semrush vs SE Ranking makes it easy for you to decide which is worth investing in.

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SE Ranking vs Semrush: Overview

Today, SEO tools have become a necessity to outrank your competitors. From optimizing the content to backlinks creation, there are lots of checklists for an SEO expert.

While there is no scarcity of such SEO tools. But, with so many SEO tools, it becomes really messy to choose the best SEO tool for your project.

That’s why I’ve provided you with a detailed analysis of the tools in this comparison.

Let’s analyze the prime features of SE Ranking and SEMrush. I’ve curated a list to show what these tools offer.

FeaturesSE RankingSEMrush
Free Trial14-days7-days
Price$18.6 per month$119.95 per month
Keyword Research
Competitive Analysis
Backlinks Checker
Site Audit
Social Media Management
Position Tracker
Log File Analysis
Content Management
Additional Accountswith extra fees
Projectsunlimitedup to 200

SE Ranking vs Semrush: Which SEO Tool is the Best?

Let’s dive into the key features and find out which is best for your business.

Keyword Research

A keyword analysis is the first step in search engine optimization. Talking about the tools, these offer quite great insights to get keyword ideas.

SE Ranking

Let’s quickly analyze SE Ranking keyword research features.

SE Ranking is a cloud-based SEO software having 7,00,000+ users that provide you with immensely amazing keyword analysis.

To get started, you just have to type your main keyword and hit “Enter”. It offers you quite good insights with its keywords suggestion tool.

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It provides a user-friendly interface showing keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC along with the ongoing trend of that particular keyword.

SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool gives you an insight into all related key phrases that help you pick LSI keywords easily.

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You can sort the keywords list accordingly and export it to your system.

You also get top organic results on Google SERPs for a particular search query which helps you analyze how strong the competition is.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Which tool wins?


It is an SEO giant with 6 million users and 20 billion keywords.

SEMrush offers quite useful tools for keyword research. Let’s explore the tool.

It offers the most beneficial Keyword Magic Tool along with organic traffic insights that give you an overview of the search term.

Just enter your seed keyword and explore important metrics like search volume, CPC, and difficulty in a wink of an eye.

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The plus point of the tool is that you get global search volume and total results on SERPs at a single place. The trend column shows how popular a particular keyword is.

With Keyword Magic Tool you get an idea of which type of keywords you need for your project. You can filter out exact match and broad match keywords along with the facility to include or exclude a particular term.

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For better extraction of keywords, it provides some groups of words related to that keyphrase. You can select the word that relates to your keyword and get brainstorm ideas for that search term.

Which SEO Tool is the Best for Keyword Research?

Though both tools have extremely powerful keyword analysis features, I personally recommend Semrush to use.

Reasons to choose-

  • You can’t get question-based keyword ideas in SE Ranking
  • You can include/exclude a particular word for keyword analysis
  • Semrush has a much bigger keyword database that offers you great results

SE Ranking is not the winner in the comparison doesn’t conclude that it is not worthy. It also provides good results and is best for you if you are starting up a business.

Winner: Semrush

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Competitive Research

Without spying on your competitor, it’s really difficult to outrank him on Google SERPs. Both of the tools provide you a detailed domain analysis. Let’s explore each one of them.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking competitive research is quite easy to use and offers you an easy-to-use interface to spy on your competitor.

You can select the URL or domain from the dropdown menu and make your spy quite easier. Just enter the URL or domain name and hit “Enter”. That’s it. You have a detailed report of that particular URL/domain.

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You get to know everything about your competitor like the number of backlinks, keywords, organic/paid traffic, estimated PPC earnings, etc.

The interface is quite impressive and user-friendly that provides you the historical data along with these results on the same page.

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You get a list of organic keywords on which your competitor is ranking and evaluate your strength according to it.

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This only single page provides you all the information about your competitor. You get top-performing web pages along with organic competitors on the same page.

All in all, it provides an excellent competitive analysis.

SE Ranking SERP Checker 2023: Is It Worth It?


You can also use SEMrush to spy on your competitor’s website. It provides you quite good tools in domain research.

In SEMrush’s competitive research, you get all insights related to traffic, backlinks, authority, etc. Simply, enter any domain name and spy on it.

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It also provides you historical data on any domain since 2012 and shows you which is the targeted country of that domain.

Similar to SE Ranking, you get paid traffic analysis too. It provides you a list of organic competitive domains and paid traffic distribution which helps you in analyzing that domain.

Unlike SE Ranking, it offers Keyword Gap analysis which helps you in getting opportunities to look for the keywords that are easy to rank.

Which SEO tool is better for Competitive Analysis?

Well, in competitor research both tools are equally efficient. But, I like SE Ranking for its easy and impressive interface.

Though SEMrush is not behind SE Ranking in terms of competitive research, SE Ranking provides the number of keywords along with countries also in the result.

Winner: Both

SE Ranking


Website Audit

You can’t ignore checking a website for errors to perform better at search engines. You need to perform regular SEO audits to find errors and fix them on time. SE Ranking and SEMrush both offer website audits to prevent website issues.

Let’s explore the website audit tools.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking provides you an automatic audit of your website to check for errors when you create a project.

You get weekly site audits which you can set manually or monthly also.

It provides you a quick site audit highlighting all major issues.

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You get to know how many pages of your website are indexed in search engines. You get all issues related to meta tags, descriptions, titles, page health, and optimization issues are provided with solutions.

You just need to navigate each section to find the error and its possible solution.

One special thing that it offers is the Page Changes Monitor feature. Basically, it allows you to check any changes that have been made on a web page. This is especially needed when you have a multiple-author website.


Semrush, on the other hand, is lagging in this feature of page changes monitoring but gives you a quite detailed website analysis report.

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It provides you an in-depth site audit that helps you in preventing your website from hitting the Google updates.

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All issues related to 4xx and 5xx errors, site structure, AMP links, and slow pages are assembled in the report. If you have chosen International SEO targeting, then “Hreflang errors” are also provided in the analysis.

If any of your web pages are prevented from being indexed, then you get notified about them in the audit report.

Which SEO tool is the best for Site Audit?

I personally recommend the SEMrush audit tool to be the best tool for a website audit. It provides a detailed audit report to analyze your website.

Though we can’t deny the fact that SE Ranking provides Page Changes Monitor, SEMrush wins the battle with in-depth website analysis.

Winner: SEMrush

Semrush vs SE Ranking: Which SEO Tool is the Best?


Pricing is also a crucial factor when comparing any SEO tools or services. And this comparison of SE Ranking and Semrush will not be completed without a price comparison.

As you have analyzed how these tools are different, now take a look at how much these tools cost.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers 3 prime plans but with an impressive pricing model. Yes, SE Ranking pricing is based on a 3-tier price model.

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As you can see the cost of SE Ranking differs as you select rankings check frequency. You get a 20% SE Ranking discount on the annual subscription. Along with this, you can grab a flat 10% Off on any plan using the promo code “DABASBLOG“.

You get 3 types of plans in SE Ranking, i.e. Optimum, Plus, and Enterprise.

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Here, SE Ranking Optimum plan is ideal for bloggers and freelancers who started out recently. However, Plus is well-suited for small business owners and marketers with a good online presence.

If you run a business or agency on large scale, then, Enterprise is the one that makes sense for your business.


Semrush also offers 3 plans for the users but it is comparatively higher.

Semrush pricing model provides these 3 plans along with a custom plan-

  • Pro: $119.95 per month
  • Guru: $229.95 per month
  • Business: $449.95 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom Price

Semrush announced a rise in its pricing that is effective from 04 January 2021. All users who have subscribed to it earlier would follow the previous pricing system. But, new subscribers need to pay for SEMrush as per new pricing plans.

Here, the Pro plan is sufficient for beginners or freelancers who just started their websites. Those with a good online presence and a well-optimized business may opt for the Guru plan.

However, similar to SE Ranking, a Business plan is for those who run multiple websites or an agency. Semrush offers one more plan for you if none of these 3 plans fulfill your needs.

Yes, you can ask for a custom plan as per your need under the Enterprise plan.

Which is the Best SEO tool for pricing?

SE Ranking is a clear winning in this comparison. It offers features similar to Semrush but at a comparatively lower price.

It is an all-in-one SEO tool at an affordable price which makes it a better SEO tool and a good SEMrush alternative.

It should be noted that SE Ranking’s price is low compared to SEMrush but it does not compromise its services. You get excellent analysis with the SE Ranking tool.

(Video) Best SEO tools or utter sludge?

Winner: SE Ranking

Is SE Ranking reliable?

Of course, it is reliable. Both SE Ranking and SEMrush are well-known tools and get good word of mouth from the audience.

You can grab a free trial to evaluate the tools.

Click here to get a 14-day free trial of SE Ranking.

Click here for Semrush free trial for 7 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of similarities between SEMrush and SE Ranking. A few of them are keyword analysis, domain research, keyword rank checker, backlinks, social media monitoring, website audit, etc.

Along with similarities, there are a few differences too. SE Ranking has some unique features like page changes monitoring and a marketing plan, while SEMrush’s unique features include a log file analyzer and content management.

SE Ranking’s competitive analysis is quite useful. While its pricing model is definitely better than Semrush.

Semrush is well-known for its quality performance. It is a great tool for keyword research, content creation/management, and link building. Its content optimizer feature deserves the highest commendation.

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If we consider all the facts and features, SE Ranking has all the same features at an affordable price as SEMrush provides. So, I recommend SE Ranking to be the first choice for beginners who just started their business.

No doubt, that SEMrush is a prominent tool for bloggers and digital marketers, but it is available at a high price. You should have enough budget to use the tool. SEMrush is best for marketers and business owners who are already running multiple websites.

Have you used any of the tools? If yes, please share your experience.

👉 If you find the comparison of SE Ranking and Semrush useful, don’t forget to share it with others.

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