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GPPL - Silicone Defoamer or an Anti-Foaming Agent Manufacturers in India is a Chemical Additive that Reduces and Hinders the Formation of foam in Industrial Process Liquids. The Terms Anti-Foam Agent and Manufacturers in India are often Used Interchangeably. Strictly Speaking, GPPL - Silicone Defoamers Manufacturers in India Eliminate Existing Foam and Anti-Foamers / GPPL - Silicone Defoamers Manufacturers in India Prevent the Formation of Further Foam. Commonly used Agents are Insoluble oils, polydimethylsiloxanes and Other Silicones, Certain Alcohols, Stearates and Glycols. GPPL - Silicone Defoamers Manufacturers in India Additive is used to Prevent Formation of Foam or is Added to Break a Foam Already Formed.In Industrial Processes, Foams Pose Serious Problems. They Cause Defects on Surface Coatings and Prevent the Efficient Filling of Containers.GPPL - Silicone Defoamers Manufacturers in India Variety of Chemical Formulae are Available to Prevent Formation of Foams Providing you the Best Range of GP SD 30 Emulsion, Silicone Defoamer, GP SD 60 Emulsion, GP SD 10 Emulsion, GP SD 35 Emulsion and GP SD 20 Emulsion with Effective & Timely Delivery.

What is Silicone Defoamer?

Silicone Defoamers:-

Silicone Defoamers are polymers with silicon backbones. These might be delivered as an oil or a water based emulsion.A Silicone Defoamers or an anti-foaming agent is a chemical additive that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. The terms anti-foam agent and Silicone Defoamers are often used interchangeably. Strictly speaking, Silicone Defoamers eliminate existing foam and anti-foamers prevent the formation of further foam. Commonly used agents/ Silicone Defoamers are insoluble oils, polydimethylsiloxanes and other silicones, certain alcohols, stearates and glycols. The additive is used to prevent formation of foam or is added to break a foam already formed.In industrial processes, foams pose serious problems. They cause defects on surface coatings and prevent the efficient filling of containers. A variety of chemical formulae are available to prevent formation of foams.

How does a Silicone Defoamer work?

As the bubbles coalesce and collect at the air/surface interface, the bubble walls thin and break. Silicone Defoamer accelerate the process and break the smaller bubbles as well. Generally a Silicone Defoamer is insoluble in the foaming medium and has surface active properties.

How does a surfactant reduce the foaming problem through Silicone Defoamer?

The ability for surfactants to stabilise the liquid-gas interface, prevent bubble rupture and allow foam formation is due to their amph... ... This stabilises the bubbles, and enables them to break through the liquid-gas interface without being ruptured, allowing a stable foam to be created. It is easily possible with the help of Silicone Defoamer.

Silicone Defoamer and Antifoams Agent Description:-

Taking on our vast manufacturing facilities, GPPL - Silicone Defoamers are able to offer a wide range of Silicone Defoamer and Silicone Antifoams that contain non ionic surfactants & functional additives. With the help of different surfactants, GPPL - Silicone Defoamers provide various types of Silicon antifoam, Antifoam Emulsion and Silicon Antifoam emulsion with foam stability. Depending upon the nature of surfactants such as nonionic, cationic, anionic or amphoteric, the liquid can be either aqueous, non-aqueous or both.The foams of these emulsions are the result of dissolved molecules in a liquid that alter the surface tension of the liquid.Formulation process of these Silicone Defoamer and Silicone Antifoams:-Agitated bubbles will form, which will immediately encounter gravitational effects pulling liquid along the bubble walls back down into the liquid beneath the bubbleA simplified picture of a bubble can be described as spherical, having both an outer wall and inner wallWhen the surface tension is high enough, bubble formation becomes more rigid and stableIf a bubble is subjected to mechanical agitation, bubbles caused by entrained air, would form very stable lamellar structuresThe Marangoni effect is a major stabilizing factor in foam, and is driven by osmotic pressureThe aqueous liquid is being pulled through the bubbles'' walls creating regions of low and high surfactant concentrations, which sets up a gradient along the bubbles'' surfaceThe gradient would pump liquid back onto the bubble walls, where this phenomenon is referred to as a surface transportThe bulk viscosity also contributed to foam stabilityAs the viscosity of liquids increase, entrained air can be trapped in bubble below the liquid''s surfaceWith the increasing viscosity of the system, the coalescence capability of smaller bubbles merging to become larger bubbles also reducesIf the bubbles become large enough (increasing the diameter), bubble stability decreases

Silicone Defoamer

Silicone Defoamer - Silicone Defoamer Manufacturers in India Please feel free to contact @9869287119 (1)

Approx. Price: Rs 200 / Kilogram

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Grade Standard Reagent Grade, Technical Grade, Analytical Grade, KGS
Physical State Liquid
Usage Industrial
Packaging Size 50
Packaging Type 50 KGS HDPE
Brand GPPL
Solid (%) 35%
Chemical Type DEFOAMER
Milky White Liquid MILKY WHITE
PH Value 4-8
Solubility WATER


GPPL - Silicone Deformer are occupied with offering Silicone Deformer - GP SD 30 EMULSION arranged by utilizing trend setting innovations guarantees most extreme adequacy. It is thoroughly checked by our quality controllers on a few parameters to guarantee faultless item conveyance. These Silicone Deformer are utilized in fluid arrangements, counteract frothing and furthermore help in keeping up the amount in the response vessel.

GPPL - Silicone Deformer have engaged in offering Silicone Deformer for General Industry Silicone Deformer, which are formulated using advanced machines and stringently tested by our quality controllers to ensure maximum effectiveness.

GPPL - Silicone Deformer Applications:-

Used in aqueous solutions, these Silicone Deformer prevent foaming and help in maintaining the volume in the reaction vessel.Further, we also provide free samples of these Silicone Deformer to our clients so that they can evaluate their quality.Omtex Silicone Deformer / Silicone Antifoams are high performance Silicone based products containing non ionic surfactants and functional additives.

GPPL - Silicone Deformer Additional Information:-

  • GPPL - Silicone Deformer Pay Mode Terms:- L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer),Other
  • GPPL - Silicone Deformer Production Capacity:- 3MT PERDAYS
  • GPPL - Silicone Deformer Delivery Time:- 7 DAYS

GP SD 60 Emulsion

Silicone Defoamer - Silicone Defoamer Manufacturers in India Please feel free to contact @9869287119 (2)

Approx. Price: Rs 525 / Kilogram

Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity 500 Kilogram
Physical State Liquid
Usage Industrial
Packaging Size 50 KGS
Packaging Type HDPE


We have a skill in offering smooth white shading emulsion, Silicone Antifoams GP SD 60 EMULSION, which are concentrated emulsions to be weakened with water. They are nature-accommodating antifoams and are accessible with ease for a few broadly useful applications. These can be added to different dry items, for example, moment powder, cleansers and manures to forestall frothing.

GP SD 10 Emulsion

Silicone Defoamer - Silicone Defoamer Manufacturers in India Please feel free to contact @9869287119 (3)

Product Price:

Our offered GP SD 10 Amino Silicone Emulsion confers charming feel of touch and enhanced delicateness on the texture. Moreover, these are accessible in fluctuated hues to suit the customer's necessities. Additionally, these are eco-accommodating with changed advantages on cotton, fleece, nylon and their mixes too.


  • Reduced stiffness
  • Increased resiliency
  • High viscosity and reactivity
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Elevated durability

GP SD 20 Emulsion

Silicone Defoamer - Silicone Defoamer Manufacturers in India Please feel free to contact @9869287119 (5)

Approx. Price: Rs 120 / Kilogram

Product Details:
Packaging Size 50 KGS
Packaging Type HDPE
Brand GPPL
State/Form Liquid
Grade Standard Technical Grade, KET
Physical State Liquid
Usage Industrial, Laboratory
Milky White Liquid MILKY WHITE
Handling Temperature NORMAL


Smooth white shading, Silicone Antifoams - GP SD 20 EMULSION is a concentrated emulsion that can be weakened with water. Planned by adjusting quality tried synthetics under the strict supervision of our gifted drug specialists and biotechnologists, these items are in consistence with the purposeful quality measures. Likewise, we offer customization administrations and on-time item conveyance for our regarded customers.

Additional Information:

  • Pay Mode Terms: L/C (Letter of Credit),T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: JNPT
  • Production Capacity: 4000
  • Delivery Time: 7 TO 10 DAYS
  • Packaging Details: 50,200,KGS


What is silicone defoamer? ›

Silicone-based defoamers are polymers with silicon backbones. These might be delivered as an oil or a water based emulsion. The silicone compound consists of a hydrophobic silica dispersed in a silicone oil. Emulsifiers are added to ensure that the silicone spreads fast and well in the foaming medium.

What is defoamer used for? ›

Defoamers are foam control agents which are added to a system to reduce or eliminate foam after it has been formed. Antifoaming agents are foam control agents which are added to a system or formulation to prevent the appearance or emergence of foam.

Is silicone oil a defoamer? ›

Silicone defoamers can also be combined with hydrophobic solids to increase the defoaming effect. The primary advantage of silicone defoamers compared with mineral oil defoamers is that they do not affect gloss in high-gloss systems and they have no impact on color paste acceptance when using color pastes.

What is a natural defoamer? ›

Use white vinegar to create a homemade defoamer solution. Add 1 part white vinegar to every 10 parts of water to make the defoamer. For example, a 100-gallon kiddie pool would require 10 gallons of vinegar to work effectively. White vinegar also works as a defoamer in hot tubs, spas and carpet steam cleaners.

Which additive is used as anti foaming agent? ›

Commonly used antifoaming agents are certain alcohols (cetostearyl alcohol), insoluble oils (castor oil), stearates, polydimethylsiloxanes and other silicones derivatives, ether and glycols (Karakashev and Grozdanova, 2012).

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