The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (2022)

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (1)

If you’re an urban city dweller, an electric bike can be a great investment. E-bikes are being talked about as the future of short-distance travel. It’s not just for people who are getting older or injured anymore. Anyone who knows how to ride a bike can benefit from one of these machines. So let’s take a look at who the largest e-bikes companies in the world are and what they have been up to.

E-bike sales have been rising steadily over the last decade, but they’re not yet a major part of the transportation industry.

There are many companies that produce e-bikes. Some of the largest bicycle businesses in the world have e-bike products. Some are even from car manufacturers and space technology developers! The benefits of using an e-bike are numerous and the public has had a very good response to this trend.

In this blog, we will look at 10 of the biggest e-bikes companies in the world, and what they are planning.

10. Trek Bicycle Corporation – $8.134 million

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (2)

Founded in 1976 and based out of Waterloo, Wisconsin, Trek Bicycle Corporation is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the US. The company specializes in manufacturing high-end bikes for competitive riders. They also manufacture e-bikes for recreational riders, which are used by thousands every year.

The company produces a wide range of bicycles, including racing bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, and hybrid city/trekking models. Trek also produces components such as wheelsets and handlebars under their brand name Bontrager.

It is one of the world’s largest bicycle manufacturers, with about $1 billion in annual revenues as of 2017. Trek sells bikes through over 1,700 dealers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions and sells in over 90 countries.

9. Derby Cycle AG –$226 million

Derby Cycle AG is a German company founded in 1988, with its headquarters located in Cloppenburg, Germany. They are one of the largest e-bike manufacturers in Europe. Even though their manufacturing facilities are in Germany, they can create high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Since its inception, it has become one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. And has earned an excellent reputation for its high-quality products. They manufacture many bicycles under various brand names, like Raleigh, a very popular UK brand.

Derby makes both high-quality bikes and components like batteries and motors that are used by other brands like Haibike (and many others). Its primary goal is to provide high-quality products at affordable prices for everyone.

8. Specialized – $500 million

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (3)

Specialized is one of the world’s leading bicycle companies and a global leader in bicycle design, innovation, and technology. Specialized’s mission is to create products that enhance and inspire riders of all ages, abilities, and interests.

They found Specialized in 1974 with one thing in mind: To bring people together with the best-designed bikes on earth. They went from a small California workshop to a global leader that now produces more than $500 million worth of bikes each year.

The company has been a pioneer of new technologies, materials, and designs since its inception over 30 years ago. In fact, Specialized is the world’s second-largest carbon bicycle frame producer.

7. Fuji ta Bicycle Co., Ltd -$1.01 billion

Fuji Ta Bicycle Co., Ltd. is a Japanese bicycle manufacturer that was established in 1899 by Okazaki Kyujiro. It is one of the oldest bicycle manufacturers in Japan and has been manufacturing bicycles since then.

Fuji’s main focus has always been on racing bikes with an emphasis on lightweight frames and components. But recently they have been branching out into mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and even road bikes too.

Fuji Ta Bicycle Co., Ltd. produces bicycles for both adults and children, as well as e-bikes. The company’s headquarters are located in Tianjin, Taiwan. Their 5 massive production facilities are in Taiwan. The company currently employs over 10,000 people worldwide, with sales offices located all around the globe.

6. Accell Group N.V. – $1.638 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (4)

Accell Group is one of the world’s largest e-bike companies, with a wide range of products targeted at different markets. They have been manufacturing bicycles since 1998 and its e-bikes meet the needs of riders of all sizes.

This global company specializes in bicycles and related services such as leasing, and rent-a-bike programs for commercial customers.

Accell makes bikes designed for comfort, which can be used for commuting or leisure riding. It also makes performance bikes that are more suitable for sports riding (though still very comfortable).

5. Giant Manufacturing – $2.789 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (5)

This manufacturing giant is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality e-bikes.

Giant manufacturing is a Chinese company that was founded in 1972. It is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and has manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, and Italy. The company also makes bicycles for other brands.

In 2021, Giant manufacturing saw $3 billion in revenue from its bike sales alone.

It produces bicycles for both adults and children, as well as bicycles for seniors and people with disabilities. The company works with professional teams such as Team Onyx, The Black Foxes, The Giant Off-Road Factory Team, and Movistar Team (road cycling).

4. Hero Electric – $6.552 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (6)

Hero Electric is an Indian electric vehicle manufacturer headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It was founded in 1956 by the late Dayanand Munjal, Chairman and Managing Director of Hero MotoCorp. Its products include the Hero Electric Flash bicycles, scooters, and motorcycles.

The company manufactures its products at its manufacturing facilities located in Ludhiana. The company is now owned by Vijay Munjal and his son.

3. Yamaha – $6.822 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (7)

Yamaha is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycles and scooters in Japan, as well as ATVs and personal watercraft. Founded in 1887 by Torakusu Yamaha, they are also the first company in the world to invent the power-assisted bicycle in 1993. By 2007, it would grow to be one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in Japan.

Yamaha is based in Japan, although it has production facilities around the world, including Australia, Canada, China, and Thailand. The company’s electric bicycles are available worldwide through various distributors, such as its Australian subsidiary Yamaha Motor Australia Pty Ltd (YMA).

Yamaha offers one of the most popular types of e-bikes: pedal assist (also known as pedelec), which gives you a boost when you are pedaling but doesn’t do all the work for you. Besides their bikes, Yamaha also designs and manufactures engines for planes and boats, as well as for snowmobiles and cars. They also make musical instruments such as pianos, violins, guitars, drum sets, household appliances, brass instruments, and even power generators.

2. Mahindra & Mahindra Limited – $19.463 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (8)

Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an Indian multinational conglomerate holding company headquartered in Mumbai, which manufactures utility vehicles (particularly SUVs), tractors, buses/coaches, and auto components.

M&M was founded in 1945 by Jamnalal Bajaj and Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata and currently has a presence in over 100 countries worldwide, with approximately USD18 billion in revenue in FY 2016-17. The group has 11 listed companies.

It is currently headed by Chairman Anand Mahindra and Managing Director Rajan Wadhera. It has a presence across business segments, including agricultural equipment, aerospace engineering, defense systems, and industrial manufacturing equipment. The company also has plans to launch more electric vehicles in the coming years, like the eSupro EV (from 2023) and the eSupro Plus Pro (from 2023). There are also new bikes coming out from them soon and we are sure they will capture a large market share with their reliable products.

1. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) – $46.22 billion

The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do (9)

The Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) is the largest e-bike producer in the world by volume. They found the company in 1916 and have been producing cars since 1921. It also produces other products, including motorcycles, mopeds, and engines for marine and industrial use. We know BMW for its performance and luxury vehicles, high-end sports cars, and some of the world’s most famous luxury sedans.

BMW produces motorcycles under BMW Motorrad. In 2015, BMW was the world’s twelfth largest producer of motorcycles by volume with an estimated production of about 1 million units.

BMW has made several significant investments in an effort to become a major player in the e-bike industry. In 2015, BMW partnered with Bosch to develop a new electric motor for their vehicles.

In 2017, they purchased a majority stake in a few Silicon Valley startups, which were making software for managing fleets of electric vehicles. This purchase will allow BMW to expand its offerings beyond just automobiles and into transportation services like ride-sharing and car-sharing programs and bike-sharing programs.


We hope that you have learned something new about e-bikes and the companies that make them. We believe that this information will be useful for anyone who is interested in purchasing an e-bike. It may also help those who are already riding these bikes but want to learn more about how they work, where they come from, or what we predicted their future to look like.

Summary of The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World

1.Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) – $46.22 billion
2.Mahindra & Mahindra Limited – $19.463 billion
3. Yamaha – $6.822 billion
4. Hero Electric – $6.552 billion
5. Giant Manufacturing – $2.789 billion
6. Accell Group N.V. – $1.638 billion
7. Fuji ta Bicycle Co., Ltd -$1.01 billion
8. Specialized – $500 million
9. Derby Cycle AG –$226 million
10.Trek Bicycle Corporation – $8.134 million

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The 10 Largest E-Bikes Companies In The World, And What They Do FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the largest e-bike company?

Giant Manufacturing is the world’s largest e-bike company.

What is the best electric bike company?

Giant Manufacturing is the best electric bike company.

Who makes the best electric bikes in the world?

Specialized makes the best electric bikes in the world.

Which company makes electric bikes?

Giant Manufacturing, Yamaha, Mahindra & Mahindra, and many more companies worldwide make electric bikes.

Who makes the fastest e-bike?

Delfast makes the fastest e-bike.

How long do e-bike batteries last?

Electric bike batteries last about 3 to 5 years.

What is the fastest e-bike can go?

The fastest an e-bike can go is 15mph.

What is a Class 4 e-bike?

Class 4 e-bikes are bikes that have been classified as illegal for road use. Any e-bike that exceeds 28mph or has a 750W output falls under this category.

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