The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (2022)

Electric kettles make quick work of boiling water. Instead of heating water on the stove — or worse, in the microwave — a great electric kettle makes it possible to boil right on the countertop. Sure, it's one more thing to take up space, but a kettle is quick, easy to use, and they're often aesthetically pleasing.

If you don't already have one, an electric kettle will soon become a staple in your kitchen thanks to its fuss-free operation and the absence of guesswork as to whether water is hot enough. To find out which kettles are worth your time and money, our lab test experts put several of the best-rated electric kettles through their paces. The Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle came out on top, but all seven of our top picks are more than welcome to get things bubbling.

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle

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Why It's Great

  • Sleek design
  • Fingerprint-free exterior
  • Easy operation

Grain Of Salt

  • A bit heavy

Appearance isn't everything—especially when it comes to kitchen appliances—but good looks sure don't hurt, and our testers agreed that the Cosori gooseneck kettle is "very cool and sleek." More importantly, the Cosori kettle "performs as promised" and is "extremely accurate," according to our lab testers. Unlike many electric kettles that operate with nothing more than an on-off button, Cosori's gooseneck kettle features five temperature presets. Coffee and tea connoisseurs alike will appreciate this added control to avoid burning grounds or leaves, and the keep-warm function will even maintain your preferred water temperature for 60 minutes.

A stainless steel housing ensures pure taste, while Cosori's elegant pour spout is purposefully designed for optimal water flow. Our testers appreciated this kettle's balanced weight that makes pouring a pleasure — especially if you're using it with a pour-over coffee maker.

The Cosori gooseneck electric kettle can boil in less than five minutes at full capacity and automatically shuts off when water reaches your selected temperature. A charming ready tone alerts you to hot water when the kettle's job is done.

The Details: Steel; 8.66 x 11.42 x 7.48 inches; 0.8-liter capacity; available in matte black or stainless steel finish; features 5 temperature presets

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Best Stainless Steel: Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Pro Electric Kettle

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Why It's Great

  • Housing stays cool
  • No smudged fingerprints
  • Modern design

Grain Of Salt

  • Pricey

Our testers described the Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Pro electric kettle as "easy to use" and "efficient," stating simply that this is "a good kettle." No surprise that this reliable German brand delivers a high-performing electric kettle — Zwilling has been going strong since 1731, and the Enfinigy kettle has a slick, minimalist design that looks great in any kitchen. For the price, though, we expect more than just good looks, and the Zwilling Enfinigy certainly delivers with its six temperature presets and a 30-minute keep-warm option.

We also appreciate the cool-touch exterior that doubles in functionality to keep the water inside nice and hot. Our testers did note that this kettle "holds the temperature well but takes a long time to come to temperature," but it's worth the wait to know you'll brew the perfect cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate every time.

The Enfinigy kettle is available in three sizes — 1, 1.5, or 1.7 liters — and four subtle colors. It's a great pick for frequent kettle users who want to upgrade to an electric kettle with a limited footprint and versatile performance.

The Details: Stainless steel; 10.3 x 8.7 x 12.9 inches; 1.5-liter capacity; available in silver, black, gold, or rose colors; features 6 temperature presets

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Best Temperature Control: Breville the Smart Kettle Luxe

Why It's Great

  • Intuitive use
  • Looks nice
  • Multiple settings

Grain Of Salt

  • Shows fingerprints

According to our testers, the Breville Smart Kettle Luxe is "gorgeous" and offers "great functionality." This electric kettle is reliable, intuitive, and easy to pour — the only downside our testers reported is that "fingerprints are visible all over the entire kettle."

But having to wipe away annoying smudges may be worth it for Breville's five temperature presets, with modes specifically for black, green, white, and oolong tea as well as French press coffee. Our testers found the kettle to be very accurate with the temperatures it reached in each mode, and there's a clever keep-warm function to ensure water stays at temperature for 20 minutes. The soft-open lid that allows steam to escape safely is another appreciated feature.

At $200, the Breville Smart Kettle Luxe is one of our pricier picks, but if you're serious about preparing tea at an optimal temperature and want a kettle that's easy to use, looks nice on the counter, and is built to last— this just might be the one.

The Details: Stainless steel; 9.5 x 9.5 x 10 inches; 1.7-liter capacity; features 5 temperature presets

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Best Budget: Mueller Ultra Kettle

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Why It's Great

  • Affordable
  • Snazzy LED light
  • Generous capacity

Grain Of Salt

  • Basic functionality

When a simple kettle is all you need, the Mueller Ultra Kettle wins our tester's vote for best budget-friendly. Though you won't find fancy preset modes with this one, the Mueller Ultra does have an internal blue light indicating that the kettle is on and heating up, and the clear housing makes it easy to keep an eye on water activity.

You'll know the water is boiling when the kettle clicks off and the blue light goes out. Beyond auto shut-off, the Mueller kettle has a boil-dry safety feature — it'll turn itself off if it detects an absence of water. The heat-resistant handle makes pouring a breeze, which is especially useful since the glass housing does mean this kettle gets hot to the touch when it's in use.

The 1.8-liter capacity is quite generous, and easy-to-read measurement marks line the glass so you can easily boil exactly the right amount of water each time. This is a great option if you're new to electric kettles or if you're budget-conscious and don't need multiple temperature controls.

The Details: Stainless steel and glass; 9.84 x 7.87 x 1.57 inches; 1.8-liter capacity

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Best Basic: Cosori Double Wall Electric Kettle

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Why It's Great

  • Minimalist good looks
  • Keeps water hotter for longer
  • Fast-boiling

Grain Of Salt:

  • No temperature presets

The Cosori Double Wall Electric Kettle strikes a balance between more expensive models with loads of features and budget buys that maybe don't look as great. While this basic kettle doesn't offer any keep warm or temperature selection functionality, it does have an elegant, purposeful design. This is an electric kettle that is sure to look great on any countertop, and the double-wall construction adds an additional layer of insulation that helps keep water hotter for longer.

Our testers raved about the Cosori's great looks and ease of use — just push the button down to activate heating, and a blue light will indicate that the kettle is warming. The kettle indicates the water is boiling when the light goes out, and the kettle turns off with a soft click.

Our tests did yield a slightly metallic taste to water boiled in this kettle, but nothing significant enough to bump it off our list. Overall, the Cosori Double Wall Electric Kettle is a great basic buy for its looks and performance.

The Details: Steel; 9.1 x 6.3 x 10.2 inches; 1.5-liter capacity

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Best Retro: Smeg Electric Kettle Retro-Style

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Why It's Great

  • Ultra-cool design
  • Lots of color choices
  • Resists fingerprints

Grain Of Salt

  • No special features

For those who wish to display their kettle, and want one that adds a bit of a cool, retro flair to their kitchen, look no further than the Smeg Electric Kettle. Our testers were up-front in admitting that this option is mostly an aesthetic choice. "You are paying a lot for the brand name," one tester reported. "This kettle doesn't offer much in terms of features, but it looks cool!"

Nonetheless, the Smeg kettle scored well in our tests, boiling 1.7 liters of water in just 3 minutes and 46 seconds. There are no preset temperatures or no keep-warm features, but our testers "really loved the design and how the top opens in a slow-motion function." A simple click indicates when water is ready; there are no chimes or lights with this kettle. Water is easily poured despite the kettle's heft (our testers clocked it at 102.5 ounces when filled).

The matte finish — available in multiple colors — is mercifully resistant to fingerprints, but it is susceptible to scratches. Given that the Smeg Retro-Style kettle is such a showpiece, though, it's unlikely you'll be shoving it into a cabinet anyway.

The Details: Stainless steel; 6.73 x 8.9 x 9.76 inches; 1.7-liter capacity; available in black, cream, champagne, pastel blue, pastel green, pink, red, and polished stainless steel

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Best Large: OXO Brew Glass Electric Kettle

The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (19)

Why It's Great

  • Large capacity
  • Glass housing for at-a-glance monitoring
  • From a long-respected brand

Grain Of Salt

  • No special features

"This is a basic kettle that works well," according to our testers — and while that may not sound like a glowing review, isn't reliable functionality what most of us are looking for in a kettle?

The 1.75-liter capacity of OXO's glass kettle is perfect for large families, entertaining, or for use during cooking — especially with the handy measurement markings. This kettle isn't the coolest on our list, but the glass housing offers a neutral appearance, and an LED light lets you know when the appliance is heating.

Our testers did find that the brushed metal components of this kettle are prone to fingerprints, but again, that's a minor inconvenience for an otherwise well-performing tool. Impressively, this OXO electric kettle boiled water at its full capacity in only 4 minutes 20 seconds. If you're looking for a big, no-frills kettle from a reliable brand, our testers gave a thumbs up to this one and its "straightforward features."

The Details: Stainless steel and glass; 9.02 x 6.26 x 11.22 inches; 1.75-liter capacity

The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (21)

Our Takeaway

The Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle is our pick for the best overall electric kettle, thanks to its quality, versatility, and elegant appearance. We also appreciate the just-right price point! For a more basic kettle — one without varying temperature controls — the Mueller Ultra Kettle gets the job done while still looking smart.

How to Pick the Right Electric Kettle


Beyond the appearance of an electric kettle, it's worth considering how you're going to use the appliance. If you're only boiling water once or twice a week to pour over a teabag and head back to your desk, you'll be fine with a no-frills kettle. However, if you're a tea enthusiast who prefers to brew specific teas at their optimal temperature, a kettle with variable temperature settings will likely be appreciated. A keep-warm function is nice for convenient refills without waiting for water to reheat, but at the end of the day, most kettles reach a boil within minutes, so the need for this feature mostly comes down to personal preference.


Kettle capacity is also largely a matter of preference. If you have a large family or frequent guests, a bigger capacity may prove convenient. For small spaces, capacity may be less of a need than a kettle that takes up minimal space.

Ease of use

Most electric kettles are very easy to use, whether they have a simple on-off button or a selection of temperature settings. Choose your ideal kettle based on features rather than a learning curve. Likewise with cleaning: Kettles will all open from the top and generally require the same level of (minimal!) care.

About Our Tests

To find the best electric kettles on the market, our testers took notes on the following:

  • Time to boil: How many minutes did it take each kettle to boil when filled to capacity?
  • Water temperature: For kettles with temperature settings, were they accurate? In the case of each kettle, what was the temperature in the pot after 10 minutes? After 30 minutes?
  • Ease of pour: Did the kettle pour nicely or splash water? How was the weight balance?
  • Water taste: Was there any weird aftertaste?

Giving each kettle its best chance to shine, our testers used every kettle under the same conditions with the same water source.

The Leftovers: Other Electric Kettles We Tested

Amazon Basics Electric Glass and Steel Kettle

The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (22)

This kettle actually performed quite well, but its functionality is so similar to the Mueller kettle — right down to the blue LED — that we gave the edge to the brand that specializes only in kitchen products.

Overall, though, the Amazon Basics kettle is a good bang for the buck.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Electric Kettle

The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (24)

While our testers found the Cuisinart PerfecTemp kettle easy to use and fairly slick in design, they ultimately couldn't make it a best pick due to suspected quality issues with the exterior housing. Aside from showing fingerprints, the kettle displayed some discoloration during the testing process.

Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

The 7 Best Electric Kettles You Can Buy, According to Our Tests (25)

Our testers didn't have anything negative to say about the Hamilton Beach kettle, noting that it has a "basic kettle design with simple functionality." Filled to its capacity of 1.7 liters, this kettle boiled water in 4 minutes 45 seconds. It's no slouch, but the lack of special features or thoughtful design means it didn't make our best-of list.

Common Questions

What is the difference between electric and stovetop kettles?

Electric and stovetop kettles are differentiated by just that: stovetop kettles require a stove, whereas electric kettles need only a power outlet. The kettle itself sits on an electric base that plugs into the wall for heating. Once the water has boiled, the kettle can be lifted off the base for pouring or transport to the table.

How do you use electric kettles?

Most electric kettles operate with a simple button. With the base plugged in, the kettle is then filled and set atop the base, and a button is either pressed or flipped to begin the heating process. Kettles with more than one temperature setting may have different buttons, but electric kettles are very easy to operate and have almost no learning curve.

What can you use electric kettles for other than tea?

Anything that calls for boiling water is an opportunity to use your electric kettle! Make instant, pour-over or French press coffee, add hot water to hot chocolate, stir in bouillon powder or cubes for a quick broth, or heat water to pour into a hot bath — the possibilities are endless.

How do you clean electric kettles?

Electric kettles are easy to keep clean since they're only used for boiling water, but if you live somewhere with hard water, you may notice a buildup of limescale. Lemon juice is effective in the removal of limescale — just squeeze some into the kettle, fill it about halfway with water, let it boil, pour, and rinse.

What is a gooseneck kettle?

Gooseneck kettles get their name from the appearance of the pouring spout — it looks like the neck of a goose. These kettles are favored for their precise pouring. They're not a must, but if you're a pour-over coffee drinker or a tea aficionado, you'll likely appreciate the added control.

Why Take Our Word for It?

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