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Making jigsaw puzzles by interlocking the oddly shaped pieces is a creative way of exercising brainpower. But what to do when you’ve completed your masterpiece?

The first thing to do with a finished jigsaw puzzle is taking a picture with it. It’s worth your time in remembering the efforts it took to solve that puzzle. After that, glue the pieces together, frame the puzzle picture and hang it on a wall. You can always unassemble and save for a later day.

It takes several wrong attempts to find the right fitting piece – Every step counts in assembling the tiles correctly.

After completing it, you may get overwhelmed by the fact that you’ve created such a fantastic puzzle, and now you have no idea what to do with it.

Placing the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle is one of the most satisfying feelings, and it feels even better when you know what to do with your finished picture.

In this article, we will talk about ten brilliant things to do with your completed jigsaw puzzle, including its preservation and even making money with it!

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10 Brilliant Things to Do With Your Finished Jigsaw Puzzle

Boost your accomplishment feeling after finishing the big picture with these creative ideas.

Take a Snap with Jigsaw Puzzle

Make your very first memory by taking a selfie with the finished jigsaw puzzle.

It’s the best moment for enticing your excitement to the next level and showing the world what you’ve achieved.

In the digital era, you can post status and even decorate your Instagram account with beautiful puzzle pictures. Snapchat and Facebook can also be your friends when you want to show some colorful pieces to the audience.

Show that picture to your friends and family and gather appreciation – You deserve it!

Gift the Puzzle to Your Friend or Family Member

Now that you have enjoyed the best experience of your life, you may want to let someone have fun with it.

Your besties and family members spend the most time with you, and they may share similar interests. If anyone is obsessed with puzzles, you know what to give them as a birthday gift!

When most people are stuck in front of screens, puzzles can refresh the mood and bring smiles to a person’s face. Don’t keep the fun to yourself – Share happiness with your loved ones.

(Video) He won the World Jigsaw Puzzle Championship. Here's how he did it.

Sharing some off-screen moments with friends feels like a blessing, and jigsaw puzzles can help you get those friends and family time.

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Challenge Your Besties

Challenging your friends for the fastest puzzle making competition will be the best decision you will ever make with your jigsaw pieces.

These unforgettable moments last longer than anything else.

Give your friends a mighty challenge of completing the puzzle in less time than you did.

Bring some passion for the game by designing leaderboards and continuing scorestreaks for long puzzles.

Oh! And make sure they don’t cheat 😉

Use a stopwatch to decide a clear winner and share the competitive moments!

Keep it to Yourself

Did anyone make it compulsory for you to get rid of the finished puzzle? Why not save it on the shelf for yourself?

I know the excitement fades away once you finish assembling the tiles, but it will regrow after a few years – Trust me!

If you own multiple puzzles, you might want to try something new every day. When you run out of the new puzzles, you will want to go back to the old ones.

When you completely forget about finishing a particular puzzle, the idea of solving it will immediately pop in your head, and you’ll miss it if you have got rid of your favorite puzzle.

Give yourself some days or weeks before deciding the jigsaw’s fate.

Make a Puzzle Collection

Yes – You heard it right! You can make your own collection of jigsaw puzzles and brag about it to every party you go to.

There have been so many puzzle collectors out there who have an immense collection of different types of pictures; sceneries, characters, designs – everything that grabs the interests of a puzzle lover.

(Video) How To Solve A Jigsaw Puzzle Quickly - Tips, Tricks and Instructions

Furthermore, collections can earn some extra money by selling them online. Rare and retro jigsaw puzzles sell at higher prices than mainstream puzzles. Keep on reading to learn how to sell them online.

Check out our blog post onselling your collections.

Craft Something New Out of Jigsaw Tiles

Get crafty with your newly made jigsaw puzzle. If you are a creative head, then no one can stop you from being the next famous puzzle craft expert in town!

It isn’t as tricky as it looks if you follow a DIY trainer likeLily’s puzzle craft ideas. It’s amusing making something new out of your used jigsaw puzzles that are only taking shelves’ space.

Your finished jigsaw puzzle is no more – Don’t treat the craftwork as you are doing a new puzzle. Instead, try to wake up the creative being inside you and make some beautiful masterpieces.

You can create wall decorations, Christmas ornaments and make frame covers from jigsaw pieces.

It will increase creative thinking power and will bring more aesthetic sense to you.

Donate Your Unused Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the empathic ways of using your finished jigsaw puzzle is to donate it to someone who actually needs it.

There is no benefit of keeping the finished puzzles untouched and accumulating dust (especially if you’re not into jigsaw collection.)

Instead, donate them to a charity organization or directly to someone who can take benefit of those.

As you know, puzzles improve memory and reduce stress levels. There always some kids or teenagers around whom you can always help.

PuzzlesToRememberbrings innovative ideas as a charity organization by providing puzzles to nursing homes and veteran facilities.

You can also put a smile on kids’ faces by donating your solved jigsaw puzzles to them on special occasions and letting them feel special.

Move on to a New Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles sharpen the thinking power. Once you solve a puzzle, it makes you crave for more puzzle solving. But due to the time and efforts you put into the first puzzle, it’s hard to disassemble the first one and move on to the next.

(Video) Can I Finish The IMPOSSIBLE PUZZLE?

But if you become used to jumping puzzles right after making one, nothing can stop you.

It’s an excellent exercise for the human brain and improves short-term memory.

Prepare yourself for the next puzzle adventure after finishing the first –

Don’t look back!

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Preserve and Frame Your Final Jigsaw Puzzle

As you place the jigsaw puzzle pieces, you slowly fall in love with them.

You can become so emotionally attached to your puzzle that it is heartbreaking to separate the tiles once finished.

In this case, you might want to preserve your masterpiece by framing it.

For framing, use puzzle glue instead of regular glue – To apply, use a small brush and gently apply between the tiles. Leave it to dry for 20 minutes and apply another coating if needed.

You can preserve the puzzle and frame according to your preferences, room color, and theme.

Once you’re finished with the aesthetics and glue work, hang it on a wall like a beautiful painting!

Make Money by Finished Jigsaw Puzzle

Here comes the most tempting thing that you can do with a finished jigsaw puzzle.

Yes – You can make money by selling your old, finished, or unfinished jigsaw puzzles that are taking up space in your room.

You can try selling them to family or friends as they may have been eyeing them.

(Video) 95 Completed Puzzles to-date

If that doesn’t work out, you can always sell them at a garage sale, although you might not get that much for them there.

Now, if you have unfinished puzzles, you can probably make more money by selling them through an online marketplace.

I emphasize unfinished because it is easier to ship as they fit in a small box compared to a finished puzzle. Nonetheless, you can sell both finished and unfinished through an online marketplace.

There are multiple online marketplaces where you can sell. For example, eBay, Amazon, Sheepbuy, among others. Do your due diligence as competition may be fierce in these marketplaces.

It is best to try your luck on a marketplace that may be starting out, or that doesn’t have that much competition. You would easily dominate your niche.

The site you are on is an online marketplace that offers a free tier, where you can sell up to three items. The best part ofSheepBuyis there are no selling fees because all transactions are between buyer and seller via PayPal.

So when you sell through the free tier, it is absolutely free.

How to Sell Completed Jigsaw Puzzles Online?

Take a great picture of your jigsaw puzzle and write a catchy description (puzzle pieces, material, size, and condition.) In the description, a one to two-sentence story personalizing your puzzle. It is also recommended to include a Return policy, as it will inspire buyers confidence.

Sounds easy, right?

Of course, it is!

Selling your finished jigsaw puzzles always brings extra cash to pocket for buying new puzzles that will unlock your thinking potential.

These are the steps you can take to sell your finished jigsaw puzzle online.

  1. Take Pictures of Completed Jigsaw Puzzle and Box
  2. Write a Product Description, two-sentence story, and offer returns.
  3. Post Your Listing
  4. Get Paid for Completed Sales
  5. Create More Puzzle Listings to Earn Extra Money

You can not only sell your jigsaw puzzles for a fair amount of cash and also buy new puzzles that tickle your brain.


I’m so happy that you’re ready to make the best choice for your finished jigsaw puzzle!

(Video) How I Film My Timelapse Jigsaw Puzzle Videos | V079

If you have more ideas about finished jigsaw puzzles, do let us know!

What are you going to do with your next big puzzle when you finish it?


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