Where Can I Donate Puzzles Near Me (2023)

Where can I Sell my Puzzles?

Aug 24, 2021· Where To Donate Puzzles Near Me Can you give some puzzles? | Sometimes puzzles need a new home, kids grow up and move, or it’s just not the same after doing it 100 times, so now we’re bringing your old puzzles for recycling! We will donate it to local non-profit organizations such as schools, homeless shelters, churches and prisons. I also asked, where …

Where to donate jigsaw puzzles?

If you have puzzles that you would like to donate, please contact us at [emailprotected] and we will find a location near you where you can bring your puzzles. We can also provide you with a donation letter so that you can claim the value of your puzzles as a tax deduction.

Where can you donate foreign coins?

When you donate puzzles, they are sorted into two groups based on suitability: Puzzles in Group One are directly donated to one of the many organizations Jigsaw Jungle supports. These include: Eldercare & long-term care facilities, hospitals, local schools, libraries (McGill), daycares, etc.

Where can I Donate my items?

Dec 12, 2019· Choose a charity you feel is most suitable. If you have multiple puzzles to donate, consider donating to more than on charity. Deliver the puzzles to the donation location or arrange for pickup. Request a receipt if you plan to claim the charitable donation on your taxes.

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Where can I get rid of jigsaw puzzles?

The box can be broken down and recycled. There are other options for getting rid of a puzzle in pieces. If you are sure all the pieces are there, it can be donated to any of the area thrift/resale shops, senior centers, or after-school programs.Dec 3, 2011


What can I do with unwanted puzzles?

Donating used puzzlesDonate them to charity. You may have a charity that's close to your own heart, or simply a nearby charity shop that you can donate to. ... Old people's homes or nurseries. Most old people's homes are happy to accept pre-loved jigsaws that the residents can do. ... Re-purpose them.Oct 15, 2021

How do you donate to puzzles to remember?

If you have puzzles that you would like to donate, please contact us at [emailprotected] and we will find a location near you where you can bring your puzzles. We can also provide you with a donation letter so that you can claim the value of your puzzles as a tax deduction.

Can I recycle jigsaw puzzles?

Jigsaw puzzles can't be recycled as the bits are too small, so place them in your general waste bin.Sep 1, 2021

How can I sell my puzzles online?

Sell your designs You can sell puzzles you create on CreateJigsawPuzzles.com. To put your design on our MarketPlace, simply select the product type/puzzle size, shape and specifications (such as material/number of pieces and box packaging) that you want to sell; upload your artwork to our easy-to-use online builder.

Are old jigsaw puzzles worth money?

The most valuable vintage puzzles are those containing all of their pieces. They are iconic limited editions in excellent condition. They do not need to be particularly old to be higher in value. New-in-box vintage puzzles are typically more valuable than those that are used.

Where can I donate jigsaw puzzles in Chicago?

Here's where to donate your unwanted items in ChicagoChicago Furniture Bank. ... Habitat for Humanity's ReStore Chicago. ... Salvation Army. ... Brown Elephant. ... Open Books. ... Epilepsy Foundation Chicago. ... St. ... Cancer Federation Chicago.Jan 22, 2020

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What do you do with finished jigsaw puzzles?

Keep them for another go If you particularly enjoyed your puzzle, or maybe it was a special personalised gift from a loved one, then the best thing to do is to carefully place all the pieces back in the cotton bag, into the box, and put in a safe place ready to complete another time.Aug 3, 2021

Can jigsaw puzzles be composted?

Jigsaw puzzles Incomplete sets can be composted if the puzzle is mainly made of cardboard and paper.

I also asked, where can I donate used puzzles?

Giving used puzzles to charity is one way to breathe new life into it. Many large charities have shops that resell donated items for a fraction of the original price. Other charities donate items to those in need.

Yes, board games and puzzles, but I always count the pieces of the puzzle before buying them! What can I do about unwanted puzzles?

Donate completed puzzles to schools, nursing homes and community centres. Tidy up your closet to uncover new puzzles and give others a chance to keep their minds clear and find a new hobby. Run a flea market. Get rid of all the clutter, including puzzles, and make money too. There are many Donation appeal ideas according to your ease.

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Where can I donate books and board games?

The easiest way to donate old board games to take to your local charity shop to sell and raise money for charity. Put board games for lovers on the table

What do you do with ready-made puzzles?

Read on for 10 great (and crazy) ideas What to do with your finished puzzle:

Can puzzles be recycled?

Answer: The puzzle pieces are cardboard (except the wooden puzzles of course). Technically they can be recycled, but because the pieces are quite small, especially with puzzles, it would be difficult to separate them from other recyclable materials. The box can be taken apart and recycled.

How do I get rid of the puzzles?

Find Magic Jigsaw Puzzle in the list, click on it and select Uninstall.

Does goodwill wash the donated garments?

Goodwill won’t wash donated clothes until you sell them, so anything you buy, try on or touch can be infested with diseases and bugs that plagued the previous owner. If you donate and they don’t tell you to wash or dry clean your clothes and they tell you not to donate dirty things.

Max Wallack

In conjunction with PuzzlesToRemember, SPRINGBOK has produced a line of puzzles designed specifically to meet the needs of Alzheimer's patients. Click here to view or order these puzzles.

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Blog Archive

PUZZLES TO REMEMBER was founded in 2008 by Max Wallack, in memory of his great-grandmother, Gertrude Finkelstein, who died of Alzheimer's disease in 2007.

How it works!

When you donate puzzles, they are sorted into two groups based on suitability:

The Secret Giver

Know someone who is in a tough place and could use a little pick-me-up? Generosity Changes Everything! In 2011, Jigsaw Jungle began The Secret Giver initiative to help people help others.

Environmental Responsibility

Do you care about the environment? We sure do! Jigsaw Jungle makes every effort possible to conduct business operations in such a way to be as environmentally responsible as possible, reducing print and packing supplies, using recycled materials for packaging, reusing shipping boxes whenever possible, emailing invoices to reduce paper waste, limiting printed catalogs that eventually end-up in the trash or recycling bins, and much more..

How to Add a puzzle to the members library

Our members library houses more than 3200 puzzles. This is a virtual library that is extremely easy to use. You should think of every member as being a branch of the virtual library. Each member has a different inventory but they are all contained in the main library. As puzzles are sent and received, the inventory of the member changes.

Use the Online Form

The online form is perfect for when you have one puzzle or a few puzzles to donate. The form submission is one puzzle at a time. Simply fill out the form with the information on the puzzle, upload the photo, and send it. We will send you ID labels and instructions in the mail on how to apply the label to the box.


Select a Regional Librarian

You may send puzzles to any of our regional librarians for inclusion into the Puzzle Library. These are donations and are not considered swaps or trades. If you wish to trade, please select one of our members from the recipients list.Select and send puzzles to a regional librarian

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